Saturday, June 21, 2008

maxim ryazansky

God gives us life. Government gives us freedom. We manifest our Pursuit of Happiness.

About 4 years ago a friend of mine suggested I got to the Keansburg, NJ boardwalk if I wanted to have fun and get some great photos at the same time. It was like a time warp to another world where you could play games to win cigarettes and simultaneously watch grownups in looney tunes apparel get drunk on the boardwalk while their kids went on rides that seemed to have negative thrill capacity. After spending a summer shooting the boardwalk I decided to broaden my vision to really show what it is that we as Americans do for fun and how these traditions get passed down. With that, Pursuit of Happiness was born and now it’s spread from just the Keansburg boardwalk to everything from drug marches, holiday parades, pet fashion shows to kkk family functions.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

David Lang

While in Pakistan photographing the parliamentary elections in February 2008, David Lang began photographing men and women in their work environments in and on the streets of Pakistan. Creating portraits of the people and workers of the cities as he traveled David photographed lawyers outside the District Courts in Islamabad, young street children shining shoes, working on motorcycles and cutting hair as well as the truckers who pilot "jingle trucks" throughout the country as well as into and out of Afghanistan.

David Lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has photographed the effects of the tsunami in Sri Lanka, the earthquakes in Pakistan as well as the ongoing conflicts in Israel and in Afghanistan. His work has been used by the International Organization of Migration (IOM/OIM), UNICEF, the United Nations, Aid Sri Lanka, InterNews and other NGO/aid organizations as well as ABC TV, Wiesner Media and Weber Shandwick.